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Managerial Statistics is a course which deals with the examination of statistical tool and methods which are required for the purpose of decision making within the modern business environment. This is a wide course to students, and it involves a number of topics such as; Numerical measures, descriptive statistics, statistical inferences, nonparametric methods, analysis of variance, simple and multiple regression models, regression models with categorical dependent variable, applied models with a categorical dependent model key to business decision-making process.

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Managerial Statistics Assignment Help Services

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  • Apply basic concepts in statistic and probability calculation
  • Be able to give interpretation and explanation of data
  • Apply the requisite statistical methods in different settings
  • Become intelligent in applying statistics to business decision
  • Be able to understand data implication
  • Able to understand data relationship
  • Be in a position to generate data with Random behavior by the as well as statistical inference
  • Be in a position to summarize data and present in by the use of graphical and statistical methods
  • Able to do data analysis by employing different techniques and establish statistical inference
  • Be in a position to work independently

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