Create A Biorhythm Calculator

Step 1: Define all constants like PI, Month.

Step 2: Take the month, year, date as input from user.

Step 3: Create a date object with Date library.

Step 4: Calculate the number of  alive days by getting difference between current date and date of birth.  (Year must be greater than the current year).

Step 5: Calculate physical level.

Step 6: Calculate emotional level.

Step 7: Calculate intellectual level.


p_Level = Math.sin((2 * Math.PI * age) / Physical)

e_Level = Math.sin((2 * Math.PI * age) / Emotional)

i_Level = Math.sin((2 * Math.PI * age) / Intellectual)

physical_Level = (p_Level * 100).toFixed(1)

emotional_Level = (e_Level * 100).toFixed(1)

intell_Level = (i_Level * 100).toFixed(1)

Step 8: Display all the energy level by adding into html page by ID.

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