Minitab Statistical Software Is Now Only Available On The Cloud

MINITAB is defined as a statistical software that is useful for many applications including hypothesis tests, capability analysis, regression, control charts, and graphical analysis. Companies are turning to MINITAB to help improve their processes, design products and ensure better outcomes. This article will help you understand this unique software that can ensure business excellence.

Advantages Of Using MINITAB

MINITAB Is Preferred By Individuals Due To Several Factors As Mentioned Below:

  1. Comprehensive– It has a set of peer-reviewed methods, and one is not required to purchase a different module or add-ins.
  2. Easy To Use– It has a highly intuitive interface that is made to complement how statistics is taught.
  3. Compatible With The Diverse Curriculum– The same approach used in statistics and graphs in the MINITAB is used in all textbooks
  4. Useful In All Sectors- MINITAB makes it possible to do data analysis which is a critical tool needed to make better financial decisions.

MINITAB released its newest version in October 2020 that can be accessed via the cloud which makes it way interesting when compared with other software.

What Does Being In The Cloud Mean?

It means that you can access MINITAB from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you don’t have to use one device to access the MINITAB. As long as you have your log-in details, you can log into the statistical software from any device. Cool, right? It is just an amazing addition that makes it easier to use and deliver results in a faster manner.

You Will Just Have To Have The Following To Access MINITAB In The Cloud:

  1. Connectivity– You must be connected to the internet
  2. Supported Browsers– You must be connected to Safari, Chrome, or Chromium Edge for MINITAB help.

 The cloud is a virtual space that you can benefit from as it does not restrict you to a physical location. Install MINITAB statistical software today so that you enjoy this web-based software.

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