R Programming In the Real World

 R is a great programming language that is useful for graphics and statistical computing. Although many people associate R software with data analysis, it is useful in a wide range of industries. This article will highlight to you how R is used in the real world.

7 Ways R Is Used In The Real World

  1. Statistics

 R is a useful statistical research tool that can be used to perform diverse statistical analyses and computations.

  • Information Technology

Big companies like IBM, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Paytm, and Infosys use R for their business intelligence. It is used as a statistical engine and offers better search suggestions.

  • Finance Sector

 R offers an advanced statistical suite for financial computations and tasks. It is used in auto-regression, financial data mining, time series analysis and

stock-market modeling.

  • E-commerce

Companies that use E-commerce have found great use of R in promoting user experience on their sites. They also use it for marketing purposes by offering product suggestions on similar products that complement their purchase and products they have purchased in the past.

  • Social Media

Social media companies such as Facebook use R for sentimental and behavior analysis. They improve and alter their suggestions to users based on their history, viewed content, and tone of their posts. R is used by social media sites to analyze user sessions, traffic, and content to improve user experience.

  • Banking

Banking companies use R for credit risk modeling, fraud detection, client assessment stat modeling, and mortgage haircut modeling. They also use R for data visualization and business intelligence.

  • Manufacturing

Companies in the manufacturing industry use R to complement their business and marketing strategies. It helps them to evaluate customer feedback to improve and streamline their products.

Hope this article has been an eye-opener on ways R is used in the real world. The next time you look at R know that a ton of other people are benefitting from this amazing software.

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