RStudio Professional Drivers 2021.10.0

RStudio Professional drivers are regarded as ODBC data connectors for databases such as BigQuery, Athena, Casandra, Hive, Impala, MySQL, and Netezza among others. These drivers assist you to build data pipelines using R, explore databases with the assistance of RStudio Desktop Pro or RStudio Workbench. They also assist to deploy and develop interactive applications.

What Do You Need To Know About R Studio Professional Drivers 2021.10.0?

The latest R Studio Professional Drivers 2021.10.0 allow users to easily authenticate to Impala and Hive using a single sign-on via SAML 2.0. You stand to benefit from installing the latest drivers as you will enjoy bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements for other drivers like Oracle, MySQL, Netezza, and SQL Server among others. The drivers also use a calendar-based versioning scheme.


It is recommended that you do an upgrade of the drivers since the process takes only a few minutes. The advantage to this is that you will save your system from security and administrative issues.

The Following Is The Procedure To Install R Studio Professional Drivers:

  1. Install dependencies.
  2. Download and install the RStudio Professional Driver
  3. Configure driver location
  4. Test data connectivity
  5. Troubleshoot if you have any issues

Will I Be Charged To Use Rstudio Professional Drivers?

Some people wonder whether they will have to pay to use the RStudio Professional Drivers. They are justified to ask as this knowledge is not common to everyone. However, what you should know is that these drivers are usually available free of charge.

Although there is a catch- The RStudio Professional Drivers are licensed to be used by the RStudio Professional products.

Go ahead and take advantage of the latestRStudio Professional drivers. No need to stay behind with past versions like 1.8.0 when you can install 2021.10.0 and benefit from it.

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