Using Xlminer/Solver To Explore And Analyze

12. a) Here we have used K-Means clustering with 2 no of clusters.

ClusterSizeAverage Distance
Cluster 11737.39795319
Cluster 2433.73175476

From the above we can see cluster 2 is more dense than cluster 1 as the distance between the points is less. And size of cluster 1 is more than cluster 2, this specifies that we have a large group of more similar firms.


Cluster 134.271176470.53647058826.223529421.411768.8235290.6411764710.67176470612.1564705914.78235294
Cluster 2157.01750.4822.22544.42517.70.950.2218.532519.575

Above are the centroids of the selected variables.

c) From the pivot table we can analyze that most of the data belongs to NYSE and most moderate buyers are from US.

d) We can name the clusters on  the basis of market capital as it is most prominent factor.


Ans- As we can see in the sheet pivot(analyze) the net profit in the NYSE is highest for most locations. In this we also analyze that hold has the highest profit. So we can suggest the person on the basis of net profit that it is better to register in the NYSE. As we have the most important factor as profit we have analyzed the Net Profit.



b) Not normalized data will have a clustering as below

c) Cluster 2 metrics are leading in progressive way except non-flight bonus transactions.

These are the segment of customers, who are associated with EastWest Airlines since long time.

Cluster 3 metrics depicts that the flight miles and flight transactions in last 12 months is zero and their
non-flight bonus transactions are leading than the other clusters.
cluster 1 metrics depicts that the level of spending is average to cluster 2 and 3.
 Balance           73547.288828 115682.00 89401.333
 Qual_miles          144.071142    295.50     0.000
 cc1_miles             2.057114      3.75     3.000
 cc2_miles             1.014529      1.00     1.000
 cc3_miles             1.009519      3.00     2.000
 Bonus_miles       17064.150802  74597.50 47920.000
 Bonus_trans          11.576653     32.75    17.000
 Flight_miles_12mo   460.035822    825.00     0.000
 Flight_trans_12       1.373246      2.75     0.000
 Days_since_enroll  4117.809118   5058.75  3863.333

d) K-Means clustering

e) For n_clusters = 2 The average silhouette_score is : 0.3639788167896175

For n_clusters = 3 The average silhouette_score is : 0.34038142310682834

For n_clusters = 4 The average silhouette_score is : 0.33811895596476305

For n_clusters = 5 The average silhouette_score is : 0.34885887029453005

For n_clusters = 6 The average silhouette_score is : 0.3665724589453308

For n_clusters = 7 The average silhouette_score is : 0.26773101005827354

For n_clusters = 8 The average silhouette_score is : 0.28284236665851537

For n_clusters = 9 The average silhouette_score is : 0.2708765675709241

From the Scores we choose no of clusters = 6. For best explanation.


  •  KMeans clustering is sensitive to outliers.Since produced min. sil. score. whereas hierarchical gives max. in this case.
  • Hierarchical clustering given total cluster number=5, but when i comapred both kmean & Hierarchical clustering, the hierarchical clustering contains approx 99% data in cluster 1 only. So this will not useful to analyze diff. customer. So i continued with KMeans.

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