What Skills you Must Learn After the 4th Generational Industrial Revolution?

The fourth industrial revolution can be termed as the change in the industry, which is blurring the lines between physical, digital, biological, and even quantum worlds. The industrial revolution brings the advancement in technologies like Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, the internet of things (IoT), quantum computing, genetic engineering, eco-friendly energy generation, and many others. This advancement or revolution is rising quickly, and very soon, you will find that these technologies will become the primary need for the industry and the market to grow. This, though, changes a lot for the people who are working in the industry or who want to enter this industry. The skill sets required for industrial revolution 4.0 are so very different from what was required earlier.

Industrial revolution 4 is very young, and five years down the line, this revolution would have taken shape into a mature industry. Surely, today’s skill sets may be obsolete by, say, 2027. So, what are the skills which you must learn after the 4th generation industrial revolution? What skills may help you be in the industry and add to its development? Here is some skill that you should learn.

1. Machine Learning:

The best examples of machine learning are in front of you, mostly in your pocket or your hands – Siri, Bixby, and Google Assistant are prime examples of machine learning. Machine learning is a technology in which the software develops with the input it gets from its users. It is machine learning which will guide the automation technologies in the future. Companies like Tesla are examples of what can be achieved after the successful implementation of machine learning.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

As soon as a person states about artificial intelligence, our mind directs us toward robots and technology, but a simpler example of Artificial Intelligence is face detection. Artificial Intelligence helps machines or software think like humans and make decisions based on the physical inputs provided to them. Artificial Intelligence is one thing that will make the future a better place; hence Artificial Intelligence is one skill that you should possess.

3. Coding:

Whatever development is being done on the software end is a result of the beautiful and complex codes written by coders around the world. People who are experts in computer programming languages, especially Python, are doing a great job of making great software. Hence, coding is a skill that one should definitively have.

4. Data Analysis:

Industrial revolution 4.0 has brought with it a great acceptance and reliance on data. Data analysis drives the new industry, and it is the data analyst’s work to convert the data into valid information. The data analysis requires the use of specific tools and programming languages, which are great skills to learn to sustain after the industrial revolution 4.

Industrial revolution 4.0 is a move from the contemporary industry to the future. Data, programming, artificial intelligence, biomechanics, and genetics are the future, and hence it becomes very important that people learn the skills related to these domains.

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