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  • Dec 02, 2020
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Minitab Launches Interactive Graph Builder for Minitab Statistical Software

You can create, visualize, and explore data with the assistance of a graph builder. This useful tool will help you to change visualization so that you can communicate your insights. Graph Builder has easy to browse gallery that will allow you to switch from one graph to the next without re-running an analysis. It will allow you to view the diverse graphical options at your disposal before you select the best presentation for your graph. Additionally, working in MINITAB has become interesting with the introduction of new features in the graph builder.

Ways To Use The Graph Builder

  • Summarize Data

    You can use graphs to summarize and interpret statistical results. The built-in graphs in the graph builder will help you to determine the validity of statistical assumptions.

  • Explore Data

    The graph builder will assist you to explore data and establish the relationship that exists between the variables.

  • Perform functions

    You can use the graph builder to compare means, check normality, evaluate relationships between variables, create and edit histograms to add a title or add a footnote.

  • Arrange graphs on a layout

    MINITAB allows you to arrange diverse graphs on one layout. You can also add annotations and edit the graphs in the layout.

  • Present data

    Graph builder allows you to present graphs and tables to a report when needed for a presentation. The graph can communicate the results and figures needed to make informed decisions.

Graph Builder Features

The MINITAB Graphs Will Present You With Different Features

  • The pictorial galleries will help you to select a graph type
  • You will get the flexibility to customize graphs
  • You will be able to change the graph elements

MINITAB has made graph builder to be an important feature. You are missing a lot if you have not started using this interactive tool that does a wide range of functions.


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