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  • Dec 28, 2020
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Making Statistics Easier with MINITAB on YOUTUBE

Statistics offers methods and principles for collecting, analyzing, summarizing, and interpreting results. Statistics allows you to define data and make inferences helping to improve products and processes. MINITAB offers various statistical analyses like ANOVA, regression, and time series that enable statistic to be done easily. It also has built-in graphs that can assist you to visualize your data and validate the results. MINITAB allows you to display, store statistics and diagnostic measures.

Here Are The Diverse Ways MINITAB Enables Statistics To Be Done Easily

  • Compare Two Or More Means

    Many people prefer to use statistics to conduct hypothesis testing. MINITAB provides many hypotheses tests including ANOVA and t-tests. Hypothesis testing entails performing a one-way ANOVA which is a test that establishes the quality of two or more means. In MINITAB, you will use 2 sample t-test to evaluate any differences that exist in a data.

  • Summarizing Data

    When conducting statistical analysis in MINITAB, you can start by selecting Histogram in the Graph menu, selecting the column of the data you want to analyze, and clicking Ok. If the data happens to be a time series, it ought to be plotted using a time series plot.

  • Variation

    If you want to get useful quantitative information, you will need to combine results from diverse measurements. Data can be estimated from the shape of the histogram, total range, and standard deviation. You can use MINITAB to calculate basic descriptive statistics like interquartile range and median. You can get basic statistics commands in the Column statistics in the submenu of the Calc menu

  • Regression

    It is used to describe and characterize the relationship that exists between two variables. MINITAB has a regression submenu in Stat that helps in performing these analyses. MINITAB also calculates the regression coefficients and confidence limits.

MINITAB has made statistics easier by introducing tools that you can use when analyzing data. You can benefit greatly from this statistical software


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