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  • Feb 20, 2021
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New Version of Minitab Statistical Software Enables You to Take Your Analytics to The Next Level

MINITAB has released a new version of its software that has exciting features that will bring data analysis and predictive analytics to a new frontier. The latest version offers enhancements including Graph Builder's additional functionality, improved visualizations, predictive analytics through automated machine learning, and cox regression among other features that will be mentioned in this article.

Automated Machine Learning

MINITAB has changed the ways data analysis is being viewed by professionals in all sectors. Predictive analysis has made it possible for individuals to handle their challenges. MINITAB has proprietary algorithms that offer accuracy and transparency ensuring that the predictions made lower costs, lead to operational excellence and line growth.

Graph Builder

If you want to visualize your data, MINITAB has an amazing platform through the Graph builder. It offers a fast way to explore diverse graph options. You have a chance to use different graphs to display the insight. These include bar charts, histograms, scatterplots, heatmaps and time series plots among others.


The latest MINITAB has made work easier for statisticians as they can do several tests using this statistical software. These include descriptive statistics, paired t-test, one and two variances tests, normality tests, correlation, and covariance among others.

Time Series & Forecasting

In MINITAB, you will get access to forecasting, smoothing methods, and ARIMA modeling techniques to evaluate time-series data. You can plot the data in time order to establish the trend or seasonal pattern, but you will require a time series plot. MINITAB will help you to make predictions and use the information for strategic decision-making.

Analysis Of Variance

MINITAB will help you to do several tests to evaluate systematic and random factors. These tests include ANOVA, mixed models, multiple comparisons, MANOVA, tests for equal variances and plots among others.

Ensure that you get an update of MINITAB’s new version so that you can enjoy data analysis and all the features that it offers.


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