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Actuarial Science is a discipline that employs statistical and mathematical methods in assessing risk in finance, insurance and other key professions and industries. Actuaries are the professionals who have exhibited the set competence in this field through intense education and experience. Important to note is that the study of Actuarial methods is interrelated with other key subjects such as:

  • Probability theory
  • Finance
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Calculus
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Actuarial Science is an integral area of study as it has highly been adopted in industrial applications such as activities revolving around the insurance industry. With this in mind, we understand that students tend to exhibit difficulties when undertaking actuarial methods assignment. We at StatisticsHomeworkTutors offer Actuarial methods homework help on a 24/7 hour Basis. Actuarial method is a wide subject that students ought to master the key concepts. Students with actuarial homework in following topics should consult our Actuarial methods experts at for instant Actuarial Methods assignment help services.

  • Actuarial Control Cycle
  • Applied Regression Analysis
  • Calculus and Mathematical Modelling
  • Distribution theory
  • Stochastic and actuarial methods in finance
  • Enrolled Actuary- Ea Exams
  • Finance and Financial Reporting for Actuarial Science
  • Financial and investment mathematics
  • Financial risk management
  • Time Series Modelling and Simulation
  • International monetary economics
  • Matrices and Computing
  • Microeconomic Principles
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models
  • Probability and Statistics for Actuarial Science
  • Society Of Actuaries - SOA
  • Statistical theory and practice
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It is important for Actuarial students to understand all the concepts in this area of study. This is due to its importance to the modern world. For instance, a research study by a US job search website Career Cast in 2010 established that Actuarial science was among the top jobs in the United States. This result reveals the greater need for students with Actuarial methods homework to seek expert Actuarial methods homework help.

Among the most common application areas of Actuarial science is in the field of pensions, life insurance, and healthcare. In addition, an Actuarial method is also applicable to other forms of insurance such as Liability, Causality, property, and general insurance.

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