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Well! The term or the concept of Weka might seem alien to a beginner in the Weka college coursework. Our Weka homework experts have defined it the easiest way possible to enable students to understand with much ease. Weka is defined as machine learning workbench; it serves as a modern platform which supports applied machine learning. Also, our expert Weka homework solvers points on the need for students to understand that Weka is just an acronym which represents Waikato environment for knowledge analysis. Submit all your Weka coursework problems and Weka assignment experts will demystify the complexity surrounding your Weka college project.

Key features of Weka stated by Weka Assignment Experts
  • Open source- Weka is available as open source software which operates under the GNU GPL platform.
  • Graphical interface - The ability of Weka to have a graphical user interface 9GUI) is a major advantage to users of this software, this is because it enables one to complete machine learning project without necessarily engaging in programming.
  • Command line interface- This allows all features of this software to be used from command line, therefore, being advantages when scripting large jobs.
  • Java API- The language is written in Java and offers an API which is properly documented and fosters integration with an individual’s own application.
  • Documentation- Weka is convenient as there exist manuals, books and MOOC courses that impact users with skills to use it effectively.