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POM/QM is important software which is used in the production. Among the areas applicable are; operation management, quantitative methods, operations research and management science.POM software is crucial to students undertaking the course fundamental of production and operations management. The software can be operated on Windows and Mac OS x. At Statistics Homework Tutors we have POM assignment experts are always on standby to assist students with problems pertaining to the usage of POM software. Our POM homework experts will complete all assignments that require the use of POM/QM software as well as offer POM /QM software expert tutoring.

Production and Operations Management Assignment Help

Production and Operations Management (POM) is a key course which aims to impact student with an analytical approach when dealing with problems relating to the economy, planning and deployment of critical human resource, application of analytical tools to cater for important issues which are related to strengthening the competitive position of an enterprise. As highlighted by POM homework solvers, these areas include:

  • Process Engineering Assignment Help
  • Work Systems Design Homework Help
  • Environment-friendly Designs Online Help
  • Product or Service Design Assignment Help
  • Management of Technology and Innovation Homework Help
  • Capacity Planning Online Help
  • Plant Location Assignment Help
  • Facility Layout Homework Help
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Online Help
  • Operations Scheduling Assignment Help
  • Total Quality Management Homework Help
  • Performance Management Online Help

As Highlighted above, the POM coursework is broad and applicable in different industrial process. Therefore, this demonstrates the need for students to grasp key process and applications of POM software. POM assignment solvers have reviewed the POM college coursework and highlighted some of the main areas learned by students undertaking POM. The areas highlighted below are among the common topics that students submit to us for POM homework assistance. Below is a comprehensive list of the topics:

Principles of Inventory Management Assignment Help
  • Foundations in operations management
  • Inventory management fundamentals
  • Purpose and function of inventory
  • Management of inventory replenishment
  • Inventory management techniques and performance
  • Purchasing fundamentals
  • Sourcing strategies
  • PO management and performance measurement
Principles of Operating Planning Assignment Help
  • Foundations in operations management
  • Planning foundations
  • Forecasting
  • Demand management
  • Sales and operation planning (S&OP)
  • Aggregate operations planning
  • Master scheduling foundations
  • Master scheduling processes
  • Operations systems
Principles of Manufacturing Management Assignment Help
  • Operations management foundations
  • Introduction to manufacturing management
  • Manufacturing product structures
  • Basics of material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Managing with MRP
  • Capacity planning management
  • Production activity control
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Lean production management
Principles of Distribution and Logistics Assignment Help
  • Foundations of operation management
  • Introduction distribution logistics
  • Channel network design
  • Management of inventory
  • Distribution requirement planning (DRP)
  • Warehouse management
  • Packaging and material handling
  • Transportation management
  • Transportation operations
Principles of Managing Operations Assignment Help
  • Foundations of operations management
  • Processes and operations
  • Project management
  • Product design development
  • Process design strategies
  • Total quality management
  • Statistical quality control
  • Process improvement optimization
  • Organizational management and performance

The topics above and subsections above as highlight by POM assignment experts are all covered by POM homework experts. We also cover POM assignment projects among other queries that a student might have on POM homework. We recommend for student to use POM homework tutors as we offer affordable POM homework solutions. You can submit your POM homework through our website, or you can send it to our email . Alternatively, students can call us using our contact on the website or simply contact us through Skype.