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SPSS is a common program that is used to perform statistical analysis when dealing with social sciences. It is software which is used by practitioners in different disciplines such as; survey companies, governments market researchers, education researchers, health research, data miners, marketing organization. As noted from the pointers above, SPSS is an important part of our day to day life since it is applicable in almost all activities we undertake. Most importantly it is a key statistical tool that enables students both in bachelor degree to higher advanced levels such as masters and Ph.D. to complete their research projects. SPSS assignment solvers have highlighted all the features contained in SPSS software package below:

  • Descriptive statistics: Cross Tabulation, Frequencies
  • Bivariate Statistics, t-tests, means, ANOVA, Correlation
  • Prediction for Numerical Outcomes: Linear Regression
  • Prediction for Group Identification: Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis
  • Geo Spatial Analysis Simulation
  • R Extension

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It is common to find out that most students do not understand what the abbreviation SPPS stands for, well as pinpointed out by best SPPS assignment help, it means statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). SPSS Inc. was acquired by IBM in the year 2009, and this lead to the latest version of SPSS being called IBM SPSS statistics. Also, very important to note is that the first version of SPSS was released in the year 1967. It was also first developed by Norman H. Nie. Remember to upload your SPSS assignment problems to us for professional SPSS assignment experts.