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Chi-square is a statistical test that is used to carry out a comparison between data observed and data to be expected based on a given hypothesis. To better explain chi-square, we can use Mendel’s law. An example can be a situation where one expects an offspring of about 20 where ten are expected to be male, and the actual observed number of male is established as eight. This will prompt one to try and establish "goodness to fit” between what was observed and what had earlier on be expected. The preceding steps will be to evaluate whether the deviations as a result of chance or were there any other factors at play. Chi-square can also be used to calculate the expected deviation. The resulting conclusion by the researcher when dealing with chi-square is that they must conclude that there is some other force apart from the chance that leads to the results. The Chi-square primarily tests for the null hypothesis which states that there is no difference between observed and expected results.

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  • Percentages and ratios should not be used when doing computations. Only numerical values should be used.
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