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Applied Statistics is a term that both denote the professional work of statistician who is mandated with the task of production and presentation of statistics; they do this by referring to the processes of statistical interpretation by basing on the set procedures which are used by the general public, professional users, and professional statistician. In the academic cycle of statistic students, there is more emphasis being placed on the development of statistics computing and concepts instead of the mathematical model. Applied Statistics mainly places more weight on problem-solving in multiple areas where it can be applied. Below are some of the common topics covered in applied statistics. They are as follows:

Regression modeling where emphasis will be placed on:
  • Model formulation
  • Understanding the implications of model formulation
  • Diagnostic techniques for model checking and interpretation
  • Logistic regression for binary binomial and binary counts
  • Log regression Poisson count
  • Exploratory tools for the purpose of summarizing multivariate responses
Student learning Applied Statistics through the help of Statistics assignment help will be in a position to accomplish a number of activities as highlighted below:
  • Using statistical computing package R and applying it in industry use
  • Be in a position to fit both linear and simple regression model when interpreting model parameters
  • Be in a position to analyze and summarize relationship between covariate or covariates and a response variable
  • In a position to assess refine simple and multiple linear regression models by  basing on diagnostic measures
  • Carry out selection of models when dealing with multiple linear regression modeling concepts
  • Understanding the basis multivariate techniques used in analyzing as well as bootstrap

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Other key courses that precede Applied Statistics are as follows:
  • Predictive analysis
  • Data mining
  • Biostatistics techniques
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