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Image Processing Techniques To Estimate The Weight And Morphological Parameters For Selected Wheat Refractions

Image processing is defined as a method used to perform operations on an image to enhance or extract information from it. It can be divided into analog and digital image processing. Digital image processing entails several applications including medical imaging, image restoration, image segmentation, and remote sensing among others.

The Following Are Some Of The Image Processing Techniques

  • Image Pre-Processing
  • Image Analysis
  • Image Representation
  • Image Enhancement
  • Image Compression

Why Is The Image Processing Technique Used In Agriculture?

Image processing techniques are utilized in the post-harvesting of produce obtained from agriculture. It ensures the quality of hygiene of processed and raw food fit for consumption. To assess the quality of food, certain characteristics are used as parameters. These include characteristic shape, uniform size, and identical size. Grain quality pricing usually depends on the end-use requirements. As a result, physical characteristics such as color, shape, size, and texture are used to define grain quality. These characteristics are also used to classify kernels into discoloured, damaged, and infested kernels. The image processing technique will always evaluate the dissimilarities in grains based on the seed color and size. These techniques are also used to classify and identify food grains based on the kernel type, variety, insect infestation, and refractions.

How Is Wheat Measured Using Image Processing Techniques?

The process begins by taking an image of the wheat using a webcam. It is then processed by the image processing algorithm and counting of wheat is performed. Wheat kernels are measured using an analytical balance. The image processing technique will evaluate the quality and weight of the wheat. It will determine the sound grain, the broken grains, damaged grains, and shrivelled grains.

High-quality seeds of wheat are essential for technological and biological progress. Adopting the use of image processing techniques can assist you to identify whether you have harvested the best wheat quality.


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