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  • August 28, 2021
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4 R Tips and News from RStudio Global 2021

Conferences are supposed to be great especially if you are interested in the subject matter. RStudio Global 2021 was not different. It was the best that has ever been held with numerous lessons to learn from renowned data scientists. It had technical talks, live Q& A sessions, and pulled together virtually people of all races globally. This article seeks to offer you R Tips and news obtained from RStudio 2021.

  • Exchange data with JavaScript and Python users

    R Studio has now made it possible for users to use different programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. RStudio will now allow you to use the Pinsjs project that provides the same functionality as Python and JavaScript. RStudio has the pins pkg that enables pushing and pulling data between your machine and services like Kaggle, AWS, and GitHub. It also has a function that enables you to search for data sets.

  • Make use of the Tidyverse Function

    The tidyverse is a great function that is useful for data analysis and data science. RStudio is now focused on offering transparency especially on how long the code can be available. If you would like to maintain a given code and constantly update it, you should go for a reny package that will now offer you a snapshot of R and the code's package versions.

  • Promote your R Markdown docs

    The bslib package that has succeeded the bootstraplib package allows creating of custom themes for RMarkdown documents and shiny apps.

  • Customize R data visualizations

    The thematic package allows users to customize their plot defaults for lattice, ggplot2, and base R graphics. R programming has now made it easier for you to build visualizations and do a data presentation.

  • Speed up your R code

    RStudio has introduced an xrprof package that can run on a remote server. It can also see bottlenecks in R code and C/C++ code.

The above tricks if implemented can help you to enjoy using RStudio. Let the integrated tools help you to become more productive when using R.


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