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  • December 01, 2021
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20 Useful R Packages You May Not Know About

R packages are a collection of data sets and functions that increase the power of R by adding and improving base R functionalities.

The following are some of the 20 most useful R packages that can be quite beneficial to you.

To Load Data

The Following Are Some Of The R Packages That Can Be Used To Load Data.

  • Odbc - This package can be used to connect R to your database.
  • Haven - You should use this if you want to write and read data from Stata, SPSS, or SAS.
  • DBI - This package connects R to relational database management systems.
  • Foreign - This package comes in handy when you want to load data files from programs such as SAS or SAS.
  • RSOLite and RMySOL - You can use this package to read data from a database.
  • XLConnect - Go for this package if you want to read and write Microsoft Excel files from R.
  • Use R to handle plain text files - Use functions such as read fwf or read.csv to read plain text files.

To Visualize Data

The following are some of the packages that can be used to visualize data

  • ggvis - This is web-based graphics that is interactive and is built with a grammar of graphics.
  • ggplot2 - You can use this grammar of graphics to create layered and customized plots.
  • htmlwidgets - If you want to build visualization with R this is the perfect package for you.
  • googleVis - You can use Google Chart tools if you desire to visualize data in R.
  • rgl - If you are into 3D visualization, you can use this interactive package with R

To Manipulate Data

  • dplyr - It is a package that can help you to conduct data manipulation
  • tidyverse - A collection of R packages used for data science that share data structure and design philosophy.
  • lubridate - You can use this package to enable you to work with dates and times
  • stringr - Good for character strings and regular expressions.
  • tidyr - Useful package for changing the layout of the data sets./li>

To Report Results

The following are some of the packages that you can use to report results

  • R Markdown - This package is usually integrated into the RStudio and will be very useful for reproducible reporting.
  • shiny - If you want to share findings you can use this interactive software that has web pages with R
  • xtable - This program can be paired with R Markdown and can be used to paste an object into any of your documents.

Hope you have benefitted from this awesome list of 20 packages. Give them a try to make your work easier.


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