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New Launches in Minitab 2021

Minitab software is essential as it assists companies and institutions to solve problems, identify trends and establish valuable insights in delivering a comprehensive suite of data analysis. It also offers process improvement tools and makes it easier to get deep insights from data. Minitab helps companies to boost customer satisfaction, enhance quality, increase effectiveness, and drive cost containment.

The Following Are Some Of The Minitab’s New Launches In 2021

  • Minitab 20.1.3

    In January 2021, Minitab launched Minitab 20.1.3 that sought to fix bugs to address a launch issue that happened with certain network configurations.

  • Minitab 20.2.0

    It was launched in April 2021. It included integrations, additional visualizations, and general improvements. These improvements were made to heatmaps, parallel plot, lag, new correlogram, and R Integration. This update was compatible with the Minitab Predictive Analytics Module.

  • Minitab 20.3.0

    It was launched in June 2021 and was updated to add Graph Builder to revisualize data, explore graph alternatives with an easy-to-browse gallery. The Graph Builder had the following graphs

    • Binned Scatterplot
    • Bar Chart
    • Histogram
    • Heatmap
    • Correlogram
  • Minitab 20.4.0

    It was updated in September 2021 to include a bubble plot and an additional visualization in the Graph Builder. This update can be used with Minitab's Healthcare module. It had support pages designed with healthcare terminologies and direct prompts helping employees to analyze, calculate and improve Key Process Indicators (KPI) on patient safety, wait time, patient satisfaction, costs, and utilization.

  • Minitab 21.1.0

    It was updated in October 2021 and it is the latest release. It has new features such as cox regression techniques that are found in the Reliability/Survival menu. An automated Machine Learning that can select the right predictive analytics model. It also has added an interactive probability plot in the Graph Builder and enhanced graph editing options. However, this update is available to consumers who have a Minitab subscription in the Minitab License portal.

    Companies and individuals are encouraged to get the latest Minitab updates in their machines if they want to achieve optimum results of this software.


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